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striped shirt

A few photos from my iphone...

1. The Gills - They recently moved here from Florida. They've been taking up alot of my time. But I don't mind. :) 2. Kayla buying a Burberry coat on her 23rd birthday. It was a Burberry birthday. & she was a very happy girl. 3. Kayla's birthday dinner at the new Virago. Beautiful restaurant. Sadly, it's the only photo taken that night & you can barely see us! 4. Baby Hank riding his baby 4-wheeler. He's one of the precious boys I babysit. 5. Just a snapshot before work.

My life has been so full lately. I'm bursting at the seams with happiness. New friends, new hangouts, new adventures. My days are spent at work trying to prepare the boutique for the dreaded black Friday. My nights have been full of friends, bonfires, documentaries, dinners, cocktails, & alot of late nights.

I couldn't ask for more.

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that coat is HOT. you're so pretty!

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