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Oh hai, livejournal friends!
I think I've nearly forgotten how to update this thing.

I just wanted to pop by to catch up on a few of my favorite livejournal reads.
& to remind you that I've moved to Blogspot where I actually blog regularly.
So, if you'd like to continue our e-relationship, follow me there!
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Livejournal seems to be dying a little
& it's making me die a little inside.

I've officially made the move to Blogspot.

So, come join me!!

p.s. i'll still be keeping up with my friends page
& commenting as often as I usually do.
I might even do a little cross posting...we'll see!
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A few photos from my iphone...

1. The Gills - They recently moved here from Florida. They've been taking up alot of my time. But I don't mind. :) 2. Kayla buying a Burberry coat on her 23rd birthday. It was a Burberry birthday. & she was a very happy girl. 3. Kayla's birthday dinner at the new Virago. Beautiful restaurant. Sadly, it's the only photo taken that night & you can barely see us! 4. Baby Hank riding his baby 4-wheeler. He's one of the precious boys I babysit. 5. Just a snapshot before work.

My life has been so full lately. I'm bursting at the seams with happiness. New friends, new hangouts, new adventures. My days are spent at work trying to prepare the boutique for the dreaded black Friday. My nights have been full of friends, bonfires, documentaries, dinners, cocktails, & alot of late nights.

I couldn't ask for more.
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Things I Love (Thursday)! Hanson! Part Deux.

Happy Thursday! :)

I have an exhausting weekend ahead of me
& I've only got a few moments now. So I figured I'd dedicate this TILT post to Hanson,
even though I did this a few short months ago when I saw them in Nashville.

Last night I saw them in Atlanta. & was just as impressed as ever.

Sweet boys. Happy girl. :)
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Out of Print

I haven't been keeping alot of tabs on the blogger world lately,
but I did run across a post on Pennyweight about this clothing line, Out of Print.
I'm an avid reader & have read nearly every book that is featured on their clothing.
The sweatshirts make me particularly excited, since I don't wear alot of t-shirts.
Pretty sure I could wear these pullovers all fall/winter.

For each shirt sold, a book is donated to their partner, Books for Africa.
I absolutely love philanthropic fashion companies.

Just wanted to share!
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Another shot from Halloween...

I finally had a moment to myself tonight. I made dinner, drank some good wine, & watched a movie.
Now I'm getting ready to shower & meet some friends for drinks.

I haven't been on the internet as of late. I feel like I've been too busy experiencing life for the first time in a while. I feel like I get to a point of happiness & contentment only to have something shatter it.
At this point in my life, I am extremely happy. I wake up everyday excited to start the day.
Sleeping until noon doesn't interest me anymore, even if I have the day off. I've been enjoying mornings a little more and trying to spend a few minutes in complete quietness every morning. I think it's helping me figure a few things out.

On that note, I am putting myself out there more and more. Both with friendships and romantic relationships.
I've never been a person who really cared to "meet people." I think I'm getting the hang of it though.
But with that comes the inevitable risk of letdown. Putting your feelings & emotions on the line can often lead to pretty disastrous results. & although I am careful with my heart, I can feel little pieces of it being taken from here and there. I guess I'm still trying to figure out the balance of it all. The push & pull. Eb & flow.

I'm happy, though. Happy with where I'm at. 22 has been a good year so far...
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fall follies

a little sneak peak of my halloween costume!
I was a BALLERina!
more photos to come...

What a crazy, crazy weekend!
I've been fighting off a sinus infection for about a week now & this weekend definitely didn't help any of that. I rested up Friday night in hopes of feeling 100% better for the crazy weekend I had planned. Shad's party was on Saturday & was quite interesting to say the least. There were quite a few people there that no one knew. + a few underage girls who were far too drunk for their own good. We all managed to have a good time still. Kyle ended up coming and we were able to sit down and have a normal conversation like old friends. It was really nice to see him and hear about his life. It's been a year since we've broken up and an extremely eventful year at that. I'm so glad to see that he is happy & moving on with life. As am I. I really enjoyed our conversation.
Sunday night was spent at Nathanael's party where I drank far too much beer & danced like the world was ending. We all had such a fun night though. There were literally hundreds of people there. A couple of bands played, then a dj took over for the rest of the night. I left smelling like cigarette smoke & sweat, but had a big smile on my face.

Tonight, I sit in bed trying to recover. I worked for 10 hours today & hoped that I would have no problem sleeping tonight but I've been lying here for two hours I'm going to get caught up on bloglovin' then hopefully get some shut eye.

More photos soon...

(lauren's boyfriend, david & i.
missing her immensely!)